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Berton Service

tecnici macchine utensili Berton Service

Berton Service is a company specialising in machine tool technical assistance, founded by Antonello Berton after gaining thirty years' experience, collaborating with companies operating at national and international level.

Our highly qualified technicians can carry out any type of intervention or activity related to technical assistance on machine tools, especially in the industry of large milling machines.

Spindles overhaul center Berton Service

The overhaul center for spindles and electrospindles is the heart of Berton Service's technical assistance activities on machine tools. Thanks to our laboratory we take care of overhauling machine tool heads that are sent to us from all over the world, as well as in the national territory.

assistenza tecnica macchine utensili Berton Service

Berton Service F.A.Q.

We offer repair and assistance services, also providing all necessary spare parts for Heidenhain, Siemens, Selca and Fidia machines.

We overhaul universal, orthogonal, twist, double spindle and electrospindle heads.

We own advanced certified technical equipment with “laboratory grade” tolerances, and we issue a geometric test certificate as the intervention is finished.

We supply drives or motors of Siemens, Heidenhain and Selca.

We install and test new or used machine tools of various Italian and foreign manufacturers; we also deal with transporting these machines from one location to another.

Yes, we offer retrofit service on milling machines, especially on large ones, starting with consultancy, going through the design phase and ending with the implementation of electrical, electronic and mechanical aspects

Consulting service as well as assistance

We help our customers to ease their production processes, guaranteeing professionalism, efficiency and the highest quality standards. Our reliability is proven by numerous important customers in Italy and abroad.