Machine tool spindles overhaul

Berton Service is specialised in the overhaul of mechanical or electro-spindle milling heads on machine tools of all sizes. Proof of our great experience is provided by national and international references in different industries.

Our work:
  • Dismantling spindles to be overhauled

    revisione macchine utensili
    Once the machine head has been received at our overhaul centre, we proceed to meticulously dismantle the spindles or electro spindles to be overhauled, checking during the operation the functioning of the motor and all the electrical parts.
  • Spindles measurement and diagnosis

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    In our laboratory, we carry out precise measurements for each component, so that we can identify what overhaul and repair work is needed on your spindles that are damaged or out of tolerance.
  • Technical report and quotation

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    Following these specific analyses, we produce a detailed technical report, where we indicate the faults and/or which parts of the spindle or milling head need to be replaced, which will then be quoted.
  • Replacing and restoring parts

    replacing and restoring parts
    • Replacing damaged or worn parts
    • Restoration of bearing races
    • Possible replacement of motion transmission gears on mechanical heads
    • Gaskets replaced with new ones
    • Chromium coatings to restore damaged mechanical surfaces
  • Assembly of overhauled spindles

    After replacing the components from the overhauled spindles or heads, an initial test is carried out, followed by machine assembly of the spindle or milling head and final testing for the customer.

Spindle and electrospindle overhaul centre

The overhaul centre for spindles and electro spindles is the core of Berton Service's technical assistance activities on machine tools. Thanks to our workshop, we take care of overhauling machine tool heads that are sent to us from all over the world, as well as nationally.